TWP for Family Members & Friends


If you are a family member or friend of someone who is in the midst of coming off and healing from psychiatric drugs, welcome. As we develop TWP for Family Members and Friends, ourcup of tea hope is that it will grow into a warm, welcoming, encouraging home and hub for you on your journey as a caregiver for, supporter of, witness to, and partner with the person in your life who is reducing or withdrawing from medications. After all, the journey off psychiatric drugs is often far from an individual one—the people surrounding the person in the midst of tapering are on their own path, as well, investing their time and energy into learning about withdrawal, giving emotional and mental support, and grappling with their own hopes, fears, challenges, pain and struggle.

Join us, get involved, and share your wisdom

We are actively creating resources for this section with TWP’s Family Member and Friend (FMF) Task Force, a volunteer team of people who have had personal experiences supporting others who’ve come off psychiatric medications and who wish to share with others the wisdom they’ve gained along the way. These are people who have found that they’ve been able to successfully navigate the often-times difficult and scary journey alongside a person in withdrawal by informing dandelionthemselves about withdrawal-related issues, strengthening their abilities to communicate and advocate, staying in touch with a sense of compassion and understanding for the person they’re supporting, and finding ways to take care of themselves along the way. TWP is honored to have these supporters as a part of our team, and grateful for their willingness to share their experiences with us so that we can together build resources to help other supporters. We are actively seeking to grow our FMF Task Force, so if you are a family member or friend of someone who has gone through or who is in the midst of psychiatric drug withdrawal and you have time, energy, and wisdom you’d like to contribute to this volunteer project, please contact us. Your experiences and learnings are incredibly valuable—what you’ve been through can help many others setting off on the same path that you’ve walked down. We’re eager for you to join us!

Connect with other supporters

Many supporters have found that connecting with other family members and friends of folks on the withdrawalpuzzle pieces put together journey has been a meaningful and nourishing way to find and offer mentorship, nourishment, and hope. If you haven’t already, consider joining ICI Connect, where you can find and connect with other supporters who live near you. Learning from others who’ve “been there”, exchanging resources, and providing support to one another can help make the struggles you’re facing feel more bearable.