Step 13- Taper Rates

tortoise and hare

Why this step is important

Learning about what the lay withdrawal community considers to be a slow, safe taper rate, along with the risks of tapering off too quickly, is a vital step towards helping one think carefully through decisions regarding a monthly taper rate at which to begin reducing psychiatric drugs.

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Getting oriented

Ultimately, you are the only person who can decide if and how you’ll taper off—but that choice is only meaningful if it’s fully informed. Many people in the layperson withdrawal community feel that the most important aspect of setting oneself up for the most careful, body-centered taper as possible is to go slowly – but “slowly” means different things to different people. This step will explore what “slow” means in the context of psychiatric drug tapering based upon the gathered anecdotal wisdom of the lay withdrawal community – and what the risks are of tapering too quickly.