Step 14- Taper Schedules


Why this step is important

Deciding how often to make cuts in sync with a chosen overall monthly taper rate is an important consideration that is best determined based on one’s personal needs, preferences, and situation.

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Getting oriented

Setting a taper schedule involves deciding how often to make a cut in dose (i.e. Monthly? Weekly? Daily?) and how much each of those cuts will be in order to meet an overall monthly dose-reduction goal.

In this step, you'll consider the two basic types of schedules used in the layperson withdrawal community, and compare the reported pros and cons of each. Note that certain taper schedules will only work with certain taper methods, so in Step 15, it’ll be necessary to use any decision you make here to help you settle on a preferred taper method. Alternatively, after you choose a taper method, you may wish to return here to reconsider your taper schedule.