A personal story about enduring withdrawal from antidepressants and finding hope on the other side.

The Deputy Director for Safety at the FDA’s Division of Psychiatry Products answers our questions about how the risks of psychiatric drugs are evaluated – and explains what you need to know to better protect yourself.

On Saturday, November 9th, 2019, ICI's The Withdrawal Project will pilot a free Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Webinar for TWP Connect members called "To Withdraw or Not to Withdraw: Psychiatric Drugs and the Deep Questions About Ourselves."

The UK Government continues its important research into psychiatric drug dependence and issues recommendations on how to reduce this growing problem.

Caffeine. Alcohol. Marijuana. Natural supplements like melatonin or valerian, kava or ginseng. If so many people use one or more of these substances for years, what could be the possible harm of using them during psychiatric drug withdrawal?

ICI/TWP Contributor Cindy Olejar interviews Kelly Davis about her experiences of brain injury, psychiatric drug withdrawal, and healing through shared stories and art.

A personal story about ending a forty-year relationship to psychiatric drugs.

A personal story about taking and coming off benzodiazepines, and recovering from insomnia induced by benzo withdrawal.

A research team at Maastricht University is investigating antipsychotic withdrawal, and seeking individuals to participate in an important survey.

Exciting updates from ICI's The Withdrawal Project, and a call to those with personal experiences of psychiatric drug withdrawal.