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Many of us who have experienced or are in the midst of withdrawing from psychiatric drugs– along with the family members, friends, and practitioners who've helped us along the way– have found that making time to become more informed about important issues relating to both taking and coming off these drugs has been a key part of our journeys. Through asking questions, pushing back against stories and beliefs we’ve previously been told and even held tightly onto, diving into our own self-directed research, and thinking critically about various aspects of our health and well-being, we’ve found that our decisions have become better informed, our voices stronger, and our intuition clearer. Self-education has been key to reclaiming our personal and collective power, our bodies, our minds, and our lives.

TWP’s Learn section has been developed in this spirit. The essays and articles you'll find here have been written for anyone who is withdrawing or who is simply considering the possibility of withdrawing from psychiatric drugs – as well as for anyone wanting to support a person who is in such a situation. In the end, only through becoming more fully informed does true choice become meaningful and possible. Our hope is that our Learn section will serve as a resource to facilitate this process.

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Immagine rimossa.
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