Using an Adapter Cap

Adapter Cap

1. If the press-in adapter cap did not come inserted in the bottle neck, insert it, as the image below shows. If using a screw-on Adapta-Cap™ cap or a universal adapter cap, screw on the cap or insert the cap into the bottle opening. Follow the product’s instructions as necessary. 

adapter cap

2. With the bottle cap tightly secured, shake the bottle well, then flip the bottle up and down several times. If the liquid compound is a suspension, residue may be clinging to the bottom of the bottle; if so, hold the bottle upside down and give the bottom a few whacks to dislodge it.

3. Put the bottle down on a flat surface and remove the bottle cap, while keeping the adapter cap in place.

4. Push the slip-tip of the syringe tightly into the opening of the adapter cap and invert the bottle.

syringe in adapter cap

5. Draw the calculated dose up into the syringe by slowly pulling the plunger out until it reaches the mark that indicates the amount needed for the dose. If any bubbles are present, push the plunger in and out several times or flick the barrel of the syringe with a finger to remove the bubbles.