Using a Manufacturer’s Oral Liquid

manufacturer's oral liquid

Some psychiatric drugs are available from their manufacturer in oral liquid form such as “oral concentrates”, “oral suspensions”, or “oral solutions”. This taper method involves making reductions from the manufacturer’s liquid by measuring a calculated cut in volume. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to use water or another liquid to dilute the dose further in order to make small-enough reductions possible. Oral concentrates are designed specifically for this diluting and typically provide instructions in the drug label, but diluting oral suspensions or oral solutions requires first consulting with a knowledgeable pharmacist.


  • Typically allows for more ease, precision and personal control during a taper than other methods.
  • Once taking this particular form of drug, typically does not require obtaining any new prescriptions through the rest of the taper.
  • Usually inexpensive.


  • Requires focus and careful attention.
  • Requires fine motor skills for using non-needle syringes and accurately measuring volume.
  • May be difficult if traveling.
  • May require refrigeration.
  • Switching to a manufacturer’s oral liquid requires the involvement of a prescriber, as a new prescription needs to be written.

Which taper schedule it can work with

  • Cut-and-hold – though requires a pharmacist-approved diluting liquid as the dose becomes very low
  • When combined with a pharmacist-approved diluting liquid, a Daily Microtaper is possible