Reflections: Which Psychiatric Drug Taper Method is Best for You?

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If you plan to taper off psychiatric drugs but are finding it difficult to decide which taper method you prefer, you may find it helpful to simply postpone your decision until you’ve read further on in this Companion Guide. In the ensuing steps, we provide more details about what’s required to implement each method. It’s also important to discuss it with a well-informed prescriber or pharmacist, and possibly helpful to experiment with implementing one or two of the methods as a test to see how easy or difficult it is for you to execute.

Take all the time you need to understand and weigh your options, and get any input you feel would be helpful from trusted people in your life. You can also search for members at TWP Connect who have tapered using particular methods—this might be a helpful way to learn more about what each one entails from hearing first-hand experiences. Some people even find that combining methods works best for them. Ultimately, however, this is a decision that you and you alone should make—no one knows what you need better than you. And remember: People have successfully come off psychiatric drugs in a variety of different ways. What matters most is that you make time to carefully educate yourself about the most risk-minimizing known ways to taper off your medications, so that the decision you make can be as well-informed and responsible as possible.

When you’re ready, let’s go to the next step in your taper journey.