Sample Implementation: Using a Digital Scale to Weigh and Cut Powder or Beads

gear for counting beads with a digital scale

1. Set up a quiet, spacious, dry area that’s easy to clean for a working space, and have all the necessary gear to hand. Ensure the space and gear are clean and preferably sterile.

turning on scale and taring scale

2. Place the bowl or tray on the scale and press the tare button (or the appropriate method for the scale) to re-set the scale at zero.

pouring out and weighing beads

3. Carefully transfer the powder from the mortar or the powder or beads from the opened capsule onto the tray or bowl using a small scoop or spoon, until the target weight is reached. If adding pharmaceutical-grade filler, mix in thoroughly and weigh.

pouring beads from digital scale back into capsule

4. Carefully transfer the weighed powder or beads from the tray or bowl into a new capsule or capsules, or mix with water.

beads in new capsule

5. Take the capsule(s) as appropriate. If mixing with water, rinse after drinking and consume the rinse water as well.

6. If making capsules for storing, place the new capsules into either a pill organizer or a clean, empty pill bottle labeled to identify the amount in mg of powder or beads in each capsule, the amount in mg of the cut that was made, the original dosage in mg of the tablet or capsule, the manufacturer’s name, and the expiration date on the bottle. Never mix beads or powder from different manufacturers, dosages, or refills.

7. Record all of the relevant amounts and information in a taper journal.

8. Clean all implements, allow to dry thoroughly, and put away.

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TWP is grateful to 'Cymbalta Hurts Worse' Facebook group/Siegenfeldt, who generously shared their images with us for this sample implementation.