Sample Implementation: Counting and Cutting Beads

counting beads

1. Set out all of the gear in a quiet, clean, dry area with ample space to work.

two different methods for counting beads
Different sample methods for counting beads, sent to us by two friends. 

2. Open the capsule, pour out the beads and count and remove the number of beads to be cut.

3. After removing the cut, transfer the remaining beads into the old capsule(s) or a new one(s).

4. Take the capsule(s) as appropriate.

sample tracking system for bead counting
A sample tracking system for bead-counting sent to us from one of our friends.

5. If repeating with other capsules and storing them, place the capsules into a pill organizer or a pill bottle that is labeled to identify the number of beads in each capsule, the number of beads cut, the original dosage in mg of the capsule, the manufacturer’s name, and the expiration date on the bottle. Never mix together beads from different manufacturers or dosages. Store appropriately based on pharmacist recommendations.

6. Record the relevant information in the taper journal.

7. Clean the implements as appropriate, allow to dry thoroughly, and put away.