Withdrawal-induced abdominal problems: quick tips

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  • Reassure yourself that reports of various kinds of stomach and abdominal problems are very common in the psychiatric drug withdrawal community—you are far from alone. Allowing this discomfort to be here as you heal—however difficult and uncomfortable it may be—can make the process feel a bit easier until the symptom subsides.
  • Some people have shared that breathing exercises can be helpful in managing abdominal pain and uncomfortable sensations.
  • If your abdomen is distended, wearing loose, elastic-waisted clothing may improve discomfort.
  • Some people find that a heated pad on the stomach can help ease some of the pain.
  • Many people find that nutrition comes to play a crucial role in their overall abdomen/gut health and function, and that the more they listen to how their bodies respond to particular foods, the better able they become at making choices that help their bodies feel better overall. For example, a lot of people in psychiatric drug withdrawal report how much better their abdominal issues become once they remove inflammatory foods like processed sugar, dairy, and gluten.  For more on gut health, visit TWP’s Reclaim Your Health section.
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