wounded deer
Frida Kahlo, The Wounded Deer (1946).
  • Different parts or all of your body is stiff and hurting
  • Random, inexplicable types of pain, such as sharp stabs, dull aches, migrating pain, etc. in various parts of your body and at random times


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What is withdrawal-induced pain?

Pain is a common occurrence for many who come off psychiatric drugs, emerging for some in the early phases of withdrawal, and for others, later on in the healing journey. Typically, individuals report burning, tingling, cramping, searing, prodding, shooting, slicing, jabbing, twisting, traveling, tearing and stinging. It is described as intermittent to constant and can be experienced anywhere from low to agonizing levels. This symptom is often misunderstood and instead is diagnosed with a variety of medical conditions such as fibromyalgia. Some people report pain symptoms that mimic pain syndromes like paraesthesia or neuropathy.