Crying spells/Weepiness

  • Feeling weepy without being able to identify a specific trigger
  • Frequent crying for no apparent reason
  • Bursting into tears and crying uncontrollably
  • Feeling like you’re about to cry when you try to speak


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What are withdrawal-induced crying spells or weepiness?

Of the many common withdrawal symptoms, crying spells and weepiness can be one of the more embarrassing and uncomfortable ones to experience. Many people describe having uncontrollable and excessive crying, sometimes as frequently as multiple times a day. Often the weepiness or crying happens for no apparent reason. In other cases, people report it being linked to whenever they try to speak about something serious (they report feeling their voice starting to waiver, leading eventually to full-on tears). Some people even start crying at “inappropriate” moments such as watching a comedy film or seeing something that typically would be humorous. Some cry so much that it leaves them with a swollen face or bloodshot eyes. It can be incredibly awkward to face this symptom in the presence of other people, who may perceive you to be “crazy”, “emotionally labile”, “unstable”, etc.