Brain sensations/Brain zaps

lightning strike
  • (See also 'Paresthesia')
  • Feeling like your brain is moving inside your head, “brain sloshing”
  • Feeling like insects are crawling around in your head
  • Tingling sensations, jolts, zaps or electrical currents in your head

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What are withdrawal-induced brain sensations?

Many people in the midst of coming off psychiatric drug(s) report symptoms such as brain shivers or zaps, electrical currents and pulses, thudding in the head, feelings of insects crawling around in the head, or feelings of sloshing, as if there’s water in the brain. Other descriptions include burning sensations, “lightning strikes in the brain”, “flashing strobe lights inside the head”, shivers and shudders of the brain, or sensations of “cards flicking in the head”.