Withdrawal-induced panic attacks: quick tips

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  • Reassure yourself that these experiences are typical of psychiatric drug withdrawal, and that the more you practice accepting them—however frightening and uncomfortable they may be to feel— the easier you’ll find you can coexist with these symptoms until they subside.
  • Some people find listening to their body and noticing if something specific triggers the beginnings of a panic attack, or even a full blown panic attack, can be helpful, as it will help them get better at avoiding these situations until the time comes when they’re healed.
  • Distractions are suggested as a useful way of occupying the mind to reduce the intensity of panic attacks.
  • Grounding is reported to be effective in reducing the intensity of an attack by focusing on feelings of safety.
  • A mindful approach and mindfulness exercises have also been found to be useful.
  • People indicate it may be difficult to focus enough to do a breathing technique, but once the intensity passes this is found to be helpful in calming down.
  • Regular meditation is suggested by many to provide a sense of calm that may help to manage the anxiety and help lessen the overall chances of a panic attack.


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Photo courtesy of Eileen McFall and Flickr Creative Commons