Controlled aggression or destruction

punching bag

It’s not unusual to experience uncharacteristic levels of anger, rage, restlessness, irritability, and other often-times uncomfortable or even unbearable emotions during psychiatric drug withdrawal. Some people have found that a bit of controlled destruction—when done safely, responsibly, and in a safe and supportive environment—can go a long way towards reducing the intensity of these experiences or even helping dissipate them.

Ideas for controlled destruction might include:

  • crushing aluminum cans
  • hitting a punching bag
  • hitting the wall with a pillow or throwing a pillow at a wall
  • punching or kicking a giant pile of pillows
  • throwing ice in the shower or against an outside wall
  • throwing clay
  • stomping through the house
  • tearing heavy cardboard
  • ripping up an old shirt

Some people have described disastrous scenarios in which their attempts at controlled aggression or destruction were misunderstood by passersby, family members, or friends, with unfortunate results (such as calls to 911). It’s always wise to ensure that any releasing actions one might take are done in a safe environment where this risk isn’t present, and that supporters are informed of the plan in advance, so that they aren’t taken off guard and can even provide extra support if need be.

crushed can