Withdrawal-induced bloated belly: quick tips

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  • Reassure yourself that bloating in the belly is an incredibly common experience in psychiatric drug withdrawal, and that the more you practice accepting it—however difficult and uncomfortable it may be to feel—the easier you may find you’ll be able to coexist with this withdrawal symptom until it subsides.
  • Some people report a noticeable improvement when foods containing gluten are eliminated from the diet.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Probiotics or kefir can reduce symptoms for some people, but it’s suggested to add these to one’s diet slowly as some people react adversely to them.
  • Alternately, some people have found that avoiding dairy altogether has been vital for their overall gut health.
  • Onions have also been reported to be particularly aggravating for some people with this symptom.
  • Some individuals suggest an elimination diet is helpful to identify specific foods or food groups that may increase this symptom.
  • Breathing exercises have been reported to be effective in managing abdominal pain.
  • Wearing loose clothes with elasticated waists can help in terms of comfort.
  • Gently massaging the belly may help provide some relief; some report that pacing while doing this can also help.
  • Gentle yoga stretches—such as the cobra position—may be helpful. A quick internet search will help you figure out how to do poses for sleep.
  • Some have reported that lying on one’s back with knees bent, and rotating the knees slowly in circles in a clockwise direction, has been helpful in relieving some of the pressure and pain.
  • You might try lying on your back and slowly, gently twisting your torso by bringing one knee up at a time and drawing it over to the side.
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