Withdrawal-induced hyperactivity: quick tips

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  • Remind yourself that this uncomfortable and sometimes awkward symptom is very common in psychiatric drug withdrawal, and that as the brain heals from drug-induced injury, these kinds of problems subside in time.
  • Be patient and gentle with yourself—it’s really difficult to effectively manage high levels of energy and many people have struggled in the past, just as you may be right now, but gotten through it.
  • Some people find that following the energy and moving whenever the body demands it is an effective way to help prevent restlessness from building up to unbearable levels—this might look like pacing, going on long walks through your neighborhood, doing some exercise, running up and down a flight of stairs, or getting on a bike and going for a long ride.
  • You might try channeling the energy into household chores or tasks you might otherwise dread like vacuuming, or cleaning the bathroom or kitchen—you may find it’s an effective way to both release your uncomfortable energy and create an opportunity to feel good about yourself.
  • Some people have reported that turning on some enjoyable music and dancing without any self-consciousness or restraint can be a great way to release this energy


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